Thursday, June 12, 2014

Full Moon in Sagittarius Burning Bowl Ceremony

Not only is the full moon an excellent time to charge crystals (and yourself!) in the moonlight, it is also a great time to perform a burning bowl ceremony! This is a time to rid yourself of those things you are willing to give up once and for all. If you are truly motivated, then read on!

This month the full moon is exact on June 12 at 9:11 PM, PDT. It will be in the sign Sagitarrius. This is an excellent time to rid yourself of issues involving: Carelessness, self-righteousness, making assumptions, excesses, extravagance, bluntness, pain or disease of the hips, liver, sciatica

 Here’s what you do:

Supplies: pieces of paper, pencil, heat proof container to burn pieces of paper, matches, water (just in case!)

1.      Write down what you would like to get rid of on a small piece of paper. Sign and date    the paper.

2.       Read what you have written aloud.
Example:” I now rid myself of the habit of making too many assumptions.”

3.       Light the paper and place it in the heatproof container.

4.       Visualize your “problem” going up in smoke!

If you wish you may call upon Archangel Raguel, the sociable peacekeeper, to be present and assist you. You can also set the scene with the following elements:Fire, colors- purple, pale blue and deep blue; herbs, oils, incense - bergamot, clove and rosemary:  Be creative!


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