Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Call on an Angel!

The literal meaning of the word angel is “messenger”. Angels are a means by which The Divine Spirit reaches out to us with messages of love and light.  Calling on individual angels in meditation and prayer for certain areas of concern in your life will help you to be more specific and focus your energy and intent to bring about the change you wish to see in your life. Angels are great at helping you with your manifesting! Intent and focus are very important when it comes to manifesting, and the more clarity you have when you formulate your intentions, the greater your success in achieving your manifestation. For comparison: if you want to place an ad in the newspaper to sell your car, you would contact the person in charge of classified ads and not the person in charge of the weather report. The weather reporter might be able to forward your ad to the classifieds department, but that would waste time and you would be doing it the hard way!

For your angelic petitions, individual angels have their “specialties”, so learning about which angels deal with what issues, is a good idea. Michael, for instance, is a good one to call on for protection. I like to visualize each angel, even though they are generally pure energy and don’t have a physical shape like we do on Earth. They can take on a material shape when they need to, but that just happens occasionally. Their energy vibrates on various frequencies and individual angels resonate with certain colors, gemstones, essential oils…the correspondences are many for each angel. Remember how I mentioned the importance of being clear and focused in your intent? Visualizing each angel in a certain way will help you to make contact when you are invoking them to ask for their help. If you are so inclined and have the time and resources, go ahead and incorporate, gemstones, aromatherapy and color into your angel meditations. This can help you to tune into the individual angel energy even more. In future articles I will go deeper into the individual angel names and correspondences to facilitate in your angel meditations.

 Getting back to Michael, when I call on him for protection, I see in my intuitive mind a male figure, well muscled, and surrounded by a golden light. To be honest, I see an angel that looks a lot like Brad Pitt with his golden hair and strong physique! He generally carries a sword and often appears dressed like a gladiator ready to protect. Many times when Michael is around I will see flashes of royal blue or royal purple light. After “seeing” Michael appear I feel I have made contact with him and can feel his presence around me. This more concrete visualization helps my human, 3-D, earth-bound brain tap into angelic energy a lot easier. Others might prefer to “see” angels as various colors of light energy. It has been speculated that the wings and halos attributed to angels are the result of the light rays they give off. Their light energy suggests the shape that we commonly think of when we imagine an angel. This has resulted in the way they have been depicted in art throughout the ages. Visualizing an angel is very personal, so if you can find a different way to see angels psychically that works for you, that is just fine! Now, find a quiet place with few distractions….take several deep breaths….relax…. and begin your angel meditation. Explore your psychic senses and get ready to speak with the angels. Speak to them like you would to a dear friend and open yourself up to receiving their loving messages!

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