Monday, July 14, 2014

Oracle Reading for the Week of July14-20

The animal totem card I drew for this week is Cat. Cat is about guardianship, detachment, and sensuality. Cat teaches us to observe without making judgements. This week try to exercise detachment and not make hasty judgements about others. Use all of your senses to make observations about what is going on in your world. How is Spirit contacting you?

Monday, July 14- The moon is now waning or decreasing in the appearance of its size. Now we focus on decreasing what we need to get rid of. Whether it is cleaning out the garage or closet, or breaking a bad habit, the waning moon is the time for banishing. During the morning the moon is in Aquarius but in the afternoon it goes void of course. Conduct meetings and work on important projects in the early part of the day. 

Tuesday, July 15- The moon is in emotional Pisces. Use that energy in artistic ways. Don't let your emotions get in the way of your better judgement.  Also, be careful with drugs and alcohol.

Wednesday, July 16- Moon is still waning in Pisces so more of the same as yesterday. This evening the moon goes void so go to bed early!

Thursday, July 17- The moon is in Aries so new energy arrives on the scene! A good time to brainstorm and get 'er done! It's thought that the Aries moon is not a good time to visit the dentist. 

Friday, July 18- The moon enters the last quarter and there is a certain restlessness. People want to make a statement and show others how accomplished they are. It's better to use the last of the Aries energy on this day to finish up a project that has been started already, rather than start something new that just popped into your head. The moon goes void this evening.

Saturday, July 19- The moon is in Taurus and also waning. This is a good time for anything that needs patience and perseverance (like cleaning the garage or closet!). On the other hand, you could just cuddle up on the couch and kick back. It is the weekend after all! Just don't attempt anything that requires quick wittedness and reflexes. Not a good day to try out your friend's new motorcycle.

Sunday, July 20- The moon keeps tooling along in laid back Taurus, so much the same as yesterday. Enjoy a lazy summer day with someone close to you. Oh, and water the house plants! A Taurus moon is great for gardening.

Have an amazing week!


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