Monday, June 30, 2014

Daily Oracle Reading for the Week of June 30-July 6, 2014

This week the animal totem to focus on is HORSE. Horse represents movement or travel. Many of us in the USA may be taking trips to celebrate Independence Day with family and friends. Another type of travel might be, however, on the mental plane through explorations on the spiritual level. Horse is associated with the goddesses Epona and Rhiannon, both very powerful maiden energies. As we come out of Mercury retrograde this week consider what projects you want to initiate and how you should proceed.  

This week the moon is waxing, which is a time for increase and building. 

Monday, June 30- the moon is in the sign of Leo, a fiery sign, who likes to bask in the spotlight. People will be focused on entertainment and perhaps a love interest. Children may also be spotlighted. A good day for get-togethers.

Tuesday, July 1-The moon is void on this day until the evening hours. It is in the process of changing from Leo to Virgo. It is believed that anything undertaken during a void of course period will bring no result. However, on the bright side (you know there is one!), others are less able to give you problems if that is their intent.

Wednesday, July 2- The moon is in Virgo. Health, cleanliness, order and attention to detail are spotlighted today.

Thursday, July 3-The moon is still in Virgo until this evening when it goes void. Try to finish up all those to-dos in the early part of the day.

Friday, July 4- Early in the morning in the US the moon enters the sign of Libra just in time for 4th of July celebrations. Libra brings socializing and friendly gatherings. Things might also take a romantic turn! However, people will be feeling indecisive. 

Saturday, July 5- The moon reaches the first quarter. People are going to be feeling impatient and want to see some action in their current projects. They might even be feeling a little overconfident, and with the moon still in romantic Libra there may be Romeos coming out of the woodwork!

Sunday, July 6- The moon continues to wax and increase is emphasized. However, put off starting major projects until later in the day, i.e. late afternoon or evening when the moon enters Scorpio with all its intensity.

Have a great week!

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